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Merging the complex rhythms and Latin influences of South America with a modern fusion of funk and commercial dance music, Conga Cartel brilliantly combines to produce an explosive mix of dynamic music that rocks audiences to their very core.

Working out of New York, the seven-piece band represent the wonderful tapestry of the South American continent and have been weaving together a stunning sound that has been entertaining crowds for years. A true international collection of experienced musicians, with band members coming from Uruguay, Chile, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador and New York itself, their music is undeniably infectious and underpinned by that audacious Latin flare.

Fronted by the smokey and soaring vocals of Carolina, every single member of the band combines to become more than a sum of all their parts. Willy Fuentes from Chile drives the rhythm section with solid bass line grooves. Playing drums with boundless vitality, Jorge Castano, originally from Colombia, provides that perfect interplay with the rest of the band; complemented at all times by father and son percussionists Aquiles Jr. and Aquiles Senior. Infused with their Venezuelan heritage, they provide that infectious top line of congas, timbales, maracas, bongos, bells, and whistles that brings the carnival to the party. And finally, but by no means least, fitting like a smoldering glove of Santana-inspired guitar licks, Fabian Rodriguez from Ecuador proves his elegant mastery of the six-stringed instrument to audiences every time he performs.

Conga Cartel has also egularly jammed with members of Mambo Loco.

Conga Cartel have played at some of the most memorable events and venues in the Hamptons including The Montauk Music Festival, North-West ‘Woodstock’, Stephen Talkhouse, The Gig Shack , Springs Tavern, Tauk at Trails End, The Surf Club and The Harpoon House. Either individually or as a band, they have worked with artists such as Taylor Dayne, Orquesta Alquimia, Steel Pulse, Mila Tina, GE Smith, Big Karma, Mambo Loco, and Bajo Sueños. As these performances and legacy demonstrate, they firmly believe in providing a platform and a strong voice for the Latin community.

That incredible experience on stage and unique understanding of the musical journey that their audiences are on, is also driving them towards the studio and an album recording that is eagerly anticipated by their fans. Bringing together that melting pot of cultures with modern dance tunes is an intoxicating mix of ingredients that will redefine what is expected of the Conga Cartel.

As the world experienced the tragedies of the last two years, so did the lives of musicians descend into anxiety and the loss of their dreams. Now the world has turned and the future looks so much brighter with the Conga Cartel back in it. Stronger together with a musical bond that cannot be broken, they are once again taking to the spotlight with the energy that defines the joy and wonder of life.

There is nothing finer than hearing the Conga Cartel in full flight. Their collective knowledge of syncopated rhythms and inspiring, sophisticated melodies are a testament to their own self-belief and desire to take their music to the next level. Music is a part of all of our DNA and is the one thing that binds us as human beings. That cultural exchange that the Conga Cartel represents, lives through us in joy, love, celebration and song.

Fall in love with music all over again and experience the future with the Conga Cartel.

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